2010 St Cloud LIfe
We will mail your St. Cloud Life brochure to you next week. As a 2009 participant, I am offering you the current floor plan so you can select your preferred booth before the rush. Please note our event committee made a few changes to the layout and main entrance. I am also excited to announce new activities and exciting events in both buildings. Currently, electric is only available along the walls in both buildings. We are working on providing electric for Health and Wellness businesses/organizations in booths B 8 – B17. At this time, these booths are reserved: A 8, A 10, A 21, B 3, B 4, B 17, B 18, B 31, B 32, B 33. I've attached the application, all booths are on first come basis with a deposit. I look forward to assisting your business reach our residents in St. Cloud, Osceola and Orange Counties with this exciting and successful event.